Welcome to The Creative Underground

The Creative Underground is an artisan gift gallery was created in Hudson in May 2015 with the mission to promote the local artists. Its focus was to be both inviting and inspirational to all visitors.
Our mission at The Creative Underground is to reveal the hidden talent of local artists, as well as develop community art initiatives that encourage the exploration of art for all ages.
Our philosophy is that art should be both shared and explore by all. Creativity is a talent at everyone possess and should be fostered by our society.
Our commitment is to diligently promote our artists, as well as encourage the community to appreciate and support the arts.
Doreen Moscillo-Howes
Doreen Moscillo-HowesFounder, Director
Doreen Moscillo-Howes, started Blueskies Studio seven years ago with a selfish desire to be surrounded by artists. After a 25 year hiatus from painting, Doreen thought a shared space would stop her from procrastinating and inspire her to paint more. Blueskies serves as an inspirational playroom for 12 artists and has reconnected her to the artist community. That connection was one of the sparks which led to the formation of The Creative Underground.

Our Artisan Gallery